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     Novichonok A. - was born March, 27, 1988. Of astronomy seriously I am fond since 2003. I from the childhood was involved with the sky, from the earliest age. To me was 4, 5 years when I already with interest considered a picture of planets and a figure of constellations in children's books. Then I esteemed already more serious literature, somewhere a class in the second - third and after that has a little departed from have put. I was frightened with such concepts as infinity of the Universe, the Big explosion, death of the Sun etc. And then began a new stage when I соврешенно have casually read in интернете big article about program - planetarium RedShift 3. I have decided, чть it is completely necessary for me to get this program and did not begin to shelve an affair. Now I the high-grade astronomer. I am sincere, by all soul is in love with the sky.
     In astronomy I am engaged mainly in comets, they involve with the unpredictability and a variety.
     Other hobbies: Russian checkers (I have the first category, on correspondence I play as the candidate in the master of sports). Very much I love biology, it is that subject which should become my trade. A nature is my passion. I love everyones natural landscapes, simply I like to sit and look at a wood, on a lake smooth surface. I adore деревню and I hate city, especially big. In general, all world I love, simply life. I adore to think of life, I try to analyze it up to trivialities. Also I name it " practical psychology ":) To dig in the soul is too one of my favourite hobbies.
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