Observations of January 1, 2009

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C/2006 OF2 (Broughton)
2009 Jan. 01.78 UT: m1=9.9, Dia.=3.2', DC=4 ...13-cm L (33x) ...A. Novichonok, Konchezero, Russia

Moderately bright for this instrument and moderately condensed.

C/2008 A1 (McNaught)
2009 Jan. 01.65 UT: m1=[9.5 ...13-cm L (33x) ...A. Novichonok, Konchezero, Russia

During of a searching for this comet, a haze appeared, and I had to hurry. Later due to the haze I had to interrupt my observations for 2 hours.


2009 Jan. 01.74 UT: m1=8.9, Dia.=11', DC=2 ...13-cm L (33x) ...A. Novichonok, Konchezero, Russia

The comet is located near bright stars in Taurus. It is very big and fuzzy object, and it is difficult to locate the coma edges.

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